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About D-Grace Educational Consult

Mr. Adewumi Kayode Adewusi who is the director / counselor of D.G.E.C. was a distinguished career teacher since 1992 in both private and public secondary schools in Nigeria till year 2004.

In year 2004, Mr. Adewusi became first pioneering marketing manager of Nubi Educational Counseling Center (a consultancy outfit to the establishment of major 6th form colleges in Nigeria).

Nubi Educational Counseling that is headed by respected Mrs. Rose Omonubi, where I served as pioneering marketing manager / visa documentation manager has the following institutions as partner.

Our partner institutions are as follows:

  • Australian School of Business Administration, Technology Research, Australia.
  • Brooke House College, England.
  • Bridge House College, Lagos.
And so many colleges and universities when I was with Nubi.

Mr. Adewusi served not only as pioneering marketing manager but also as administrative manager and VISA documentation manager in which Nubi Educational Counseling had 97% and 98% Visa success in year 2004 and 2005 respectively for their students who want to go and study abroad.

Mr. Adewusi's responsibilities include:

  • Facilitating a high powered scientific marketing strategies and business plans that must provide an increase in student placement.
  • To carry out all the marketing campaigns in Nigeria for our partners institution.
  • To promote and make our partner institutions acceptable to Nigerians and the government.
  • To facilitate cordial relationship between the secondary school authority in Nigeria and the coming international marketing officer of our partner institutions
  • Interviewing and counseling prospective students / parents.
  • Documentation and arrangement of visa application for the students with "offer letter" or unconditional admission letter
  • Assisting unsuccessful student's visa applicant to appeal to the embassies.
  • Conducting a pre- departure seminar for the successful students before leaving Nigeria for their respective schools in abroad.


All our staffs are university graduate with some having Masters degree from reputable universities with good grades from universities.

D-Grace Educational Consult has branches in Abuja, Lagos and Portharcourt.


D.G.E.C. has six values, which govern our culture in terms of our inter-personal relationship within the organization and to external people such as students, parents and all educational stakeholders, embassies official and partner colleges and universities.

  • INTEGRITY: We uphold moral excellence, honesty, sincerity, and wholesomeness in our entire interaction with everyone.

    D.G.E.C. belief in absolute trust, open and transparent inter-rations in all our dealings.

  • PROFESSIONALISM: D.G.E.C. comply with corporate ethics and always ready to account for all our actions.

    We also make sure that we deliver our obligations to everybody involves in the realization of our goals and objectives.

  • HUMILITY/ RESPECT: We are meek and believe that "customer is king".

    At D.G.E.C. we listen to constructive criticism and adjust where necessary.

    We always respect and appreciate the ideas, opinions of our colleagues, clients, partners and stakeholders in the educational sectors.

  • EMPATHY: We are constantly driven by a strong desire to assist students in their educational pursuit and to be self-reliant in life.

    We are aware of our impact and implication of our actions on the students and others.

    Diversity and differences are highly valued and appreciated.

  • CREATIVITY: D.G.E.C. believes in the sharing of knowledge and respond happily to new challenges and opportunities.

    We also believe in "no venture, no gain" therefore we take both personal and corporate risks and later from our experiences.

    We express our feelings and feel empowered to make decision about the way we work.

  • INDEAFEATIGABLE: We conceptualize, design and proactively develop aggressive and scientific marketing strategy, which surpasses the expectation no matter the odd.

    D.G.E.C believes nothing is impossible to achieve.