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  • To provide an avenue in which the student will acquire increment in self-awareness.
  • We help students to identify and make reasonable decisions regarding their career paths.
  • We counsel students on the strategies to get a befitting and lucrative job.
  • We also help the students to de-mystify the world of work professionals in their chosen area of study.
  • To offer honest and quality advice to both the students, colleges, institutes of technology and universities.
  • To promptly advise the partner institutions of the relevant educational developments in Nigeria.
  • We also counsel our partner institutions about the changes in Nigeria educational system.
  • Visa counseling:- Experience has shown that thousands of Nigerian Students qualified to study abroad are denied visa because most of them don't know much about visa documentation, or lack of visa technical know-how and know how to present their visa application in the embassies.


  • To provide most comprehensive information to any qualify students from Nigeria who is capable to study abroad.

    Students capability in terms of mentally alertness, emotionally psychologically, financially and social acceptability.

  • D.G.E.C. serves as the best link to superior global education.
  • We place qualify students into institute of technology, colleges, and universities for A level, Advance Placement, Degree Foundation, Master, MBA and Top-up programmes.
  • We liaise with our partner institutions to ensure timely admissions for the programmes you love to study.
  • We post and fax the application forms to the schools before the deadline for the admission to close.
  • We promptly send 'offer letter" or admission confirmation letters to the students within one working day or 24 hours of receiving it from partner institution.
  • We ensure that you are on a course of study, which is appropriate to your specific needs.
  • We guide students in choosing the type of accommodation most likely to meet their needs.
  • D.G.E.C. guide students on how to write student personal statement.